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The Future of Mobility

Hello Tomorrow Bangalore

July 2017 @ Bangalore

A new era of mobility begun!

The transportation routes of most countries will experience bottlenecks and ultimately fail over the next few decades.
The problems are endless in every country: crumbling infrastructure, lack of renewable energy strategies, and urban centers that are buckling under the weight of their commuting residents.

In this landscape, autonomous cars, drones, and new modes of transportation are on the verge of completely redesigning cities - not only the way we move, but also how we work and live!

Join us and meet those science-entrepreneurs who are reshaping the future of the transportation industry!


Explore local challenges across a breadth of interdisciplinary perspectives while highlighting technological projects that address those issues.


Discover real-life scenarios of different projects solving local challenges. Projects will demonstrate various stages of maturity, from a commercialized product back to the very originating idea.


Mingle with inspirational speakers and participants over food and drinks. Ask questions, share insights and find potential collaborators based on topics or issues raised during the conference.

City Ambassador

Vivek Srinivasan - Startups Club


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