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The Future of Healthcare

Hello Tomorrow San Francisco

15th December 2016 @ The Fillmore Heritage Center

Join us on December 15th to hear inspiring talks, learn about the latest technologies in healthcare, new methodologies to improve patient care, and discuss the most pressing challenges we will have to tackle. Come, and meet an amazing diversity of like-minded attendees who will shape the future of healthcare with you!

During Hello Tomorrow San Francisco, our ambition is to highlight disruptive technologies that will shape the future of biomedicine. Our goal is to inspire and encourage the next generation of change-makers into fostering interdisciplinary collaborations to accelerate innovation in the field. At the same time, we want to take this opportunity to start the conversation about the ethical, legal, political and operational challenges we will have to address in the near future.

Meet visionaries

Aubrey de Grey

Biomedical Gerontologist & Chief Science Officer - SENS Research Foundation

Andrew May

Chief Scientific Officer - Caribou Biosciences

Henry T. Greely

Director, Center for Law and the Biosciences - Stanford University

Jacques Mallet

Gene therapy leader, Emeritus Director of Research - CNRS and Brain & Spinal Cord Institute (Paris), Adjunct Professor - UCSF

Adham Aljahmi

CEO & Co-founder - Blue Turtle Bio Technologies

Cynthia J. Frank

Gaucher and Rare Disease Patient Advocate

Mitesh B. Rao

System Patient Safety Officer - Stanford Health Care

Michel M. Maharbiz

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - University of California, Berkeley

Bernard Malavaud

Professor of Urology -Toulouse Cancer Institute and CMO - SmartCatch

A program to discover The Future of Healthcare

Registration & drinks



Mingle and have a drink in our beautiful and historic jazz venue

Opening Remarks



Opening remarks from Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens, Consul General of France in San Fransisco




Keynote from Aubrey de Grey on the science of ageing

Keynote from Andy May on CRISPR/Cas9 for therapeutic purposes

Keynote from Jacques Mallet on gene therapy and the regulation of therapeutic transgenes




Panel on the legal and ethical issues related to gene editing and anti-ageing research

Moderated by Hank Greely

Fireside chat



Fireside chat between Adham Aljahmi and Cynthia Frank on rare disease research and the importance of patient engagement




Keynote from Michel Maharbiz on neural dust

Keynote from Bernard Malavaud on microcapture devices that allow the selective capture in the blood stream of circulating tumor cells




Panel on the challenges related to the use of artificial organs and miniaturized implants to treat diseases

Moderated by Hank Greely




Presentation from Mitesh Rao on the adoption of these technologies by health systems and the accessibility for patients.

Closing remarks



Closing remarks

Cocktail & Live music



Awesome French buffet and live Jazz band !

End of conference



City Ambassador

The increasing convergence of biomedicine and a variety of breakthroughs from other fields of expertise have put healthcare as one of the top priorities in the San Francisco Bay Area in terms of investment, venture creations and research efforts. Building bridges between Europe and Silicon Valley when it comes to applied research and economic value creation on the biomedical field made me realize how much US and European communities have to discuss and collaborate in order to ensure a rapid, efficient, ethical, affordable and widespread adoption of these new technologies worldwide. I hope this event, co-organized by Hello Tomorrow and the Office for Science & Technology at the Embassy of France in the US, can play a role in this crucial endeavor, both by inspiring change-makers to take risks and get involved in medical innovation, as well as igniting future discussions and collaborations.

Hocine Lourdani - Deputy Attaché for Science and Technology at the Consulate General of France in San Francisco


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